Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It Pours Ever Forth

everything i put in my mouth feels impossibly dry
even my tongue
crushing up against the roof of my mouth.

slowly my glands must dilate
for i compact
food into a globular package
delivered lengua fresca

a little joke can release
torrents, abashed
jubilant sobs unhinged by the mysteries of secretion
things the soul cannot keep

not everything i put in my mouth
will sustain me
sustenance comes rare these days
oh! how the hunger aches and roars!
it is acid that pours from me
wretched through watery eyes
survey with bitter pleasure
the ripest fruit of my stagnation
at last, to be matched.

Hollow Depths

oceans wash over me
murky green with marine dust
float down
sink down arms trailing
infinite blue diaphonous
shafts and hollows
  light the symbols
of my decay:
  my body - heavy and full
  the day - shrinking pupils everywhere
  water - cross under the waves
  debris -detritus -desire -despair
hollows between even the molecules
insipid holes
to allow space between.
Waves seek the high
my hollows are the low
my arms caress detritus and dust alike
my selfish form cradled by the
ascending bottom
the endless illusion of color
in intimate deception of the heart